3 Hiring Tips for Small Businesses

Being a small business owner, one of the great advantages you possess is being in complete control of who you hire. That can also come with a great deal of responsibility as you want to make the right decision. It can be very time consuming and overwhelming – we’ve put together some tips you can use today to find your perfect fit!

Actionable Hiring Tips for Small Businesses

Every small business is challenged with finding the right person that knows what they are doing and fits into the company from a cultural perspective. The cost for a small business owner if they do not find the right person is huge. Not only do they miss out on potential efficiencies but they also must rehire and train.

Tip 1: It is important to make sure that a new hire has values that align with the company’s values.

Every company has a foundation that makes it work, and for many it is directly tied to the values that the business operates around. As a business owner, understanding the values that you hold to be important is the first step. The second step is to convey those to your employees and act in ways that reinforces those values. This can be done by leading, working in the trenches with your team and practicing what you preach.

Tip 2: Understand the strengths and weaknesses of someone that you are hiring.

All too often, we try to identify the things that we are not good at, with the intention of working hard to improve our ability to do those things. But we say flip that. Focus on the things that you know your employees can do well, and build opportunities for them to learn more and become stronger at those tasks. In the end you have someone that is highly specialized and efficient, and you know the things that you need to find other solutions around so that they can do their job in a great way.

Tip 3: Be on the lookout for growth opportunities.

Whether you are beginning to scale your business or working towards autonomy, it is very valuable to keep an open eye out for doors that may open during this transition. You may find that someone may have the potential to grow into a position later down the line. While you look for skills and experience of your potential candidate, use your third eye to look at their qualities and how they fit into the culture of your company to get a glimpse to what the future may hold.

Johnny Bolden

Johnny Bolden is a Marketing Associate Off Road. Johnny attended Portland State University studying Business & Communications and comes to Off Road with experience in video production and web development. He is very excited to be gaining hands on knowledge to the things he is studying and interacting with many of our clients through our work together.